Meet Nick

I am a Digital Designer here at Fluid. My role has a focus on creating a wide range of static and animated graphics for social media. This includes creating social media posts to keep up with the latest trends and memes, as well as creating social media ads to show off our clients' latest products and offers.

Team: Search & Social
Joined: 2021


Outside of work, I have a huge passion for reading, film and football. My passion inside work is creativity and problem solving. I love the feeling of getting the timing down on a tricky transition for an animation or figuring out an engaging and exciting way to showcase a social post.


My proudest achievement during my short time at Fluid has been helping to bring ZeroZilchZip’s brand to life through their social media posts and adverts, using a mix of both static and animated graphics. It’s been one of the first major projects that I've worked on, and has been an extremely fun to do so.


My ideal weekend starts with a nice long lie-in, followed by getting ready to watch some football; whether that be cheering on Tottenham Hotspur through the TV, or Derby County down at Pride Park Stadium. I tend to wind down by ending the weekend ticking off one of the many, many, films on my ever-growing watch list.

Fluid in three words

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Proud project and latest news.

Helping the world drink differently with ZeroZilchZip
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That's probably a silly question, because of course client-agency relationships matter. But for Fluid, it matters above all – because when the relationship is right, there's nothing that can't be achieved. So we are choosy – ensuring that every client partnership has the potential to be powerful for both sides...

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