None of us is as good as all of us


We think our culture is Fluid’s single greatest strength. In fact, we know it is. And no matter how much we grow, we’ll always fight to protect our values. And to protect the heart, hunger and humility that’s brought us this far.

Our independence is important. Fluid is made of almost 60 passionate people, all fuelled with the ambitious spirit that independence tends to bring. That makes us the perfect fit for both global brands and ambitious owner-managed businesses, which suits us just fine.

Fluid Studio
Fluid studio
Fluid Studio
Guided by values

If you want to know about our culture, then you’ll need to know about our values. They’ve shaped everything about our agency… from the people we work with, to the clients we partner, and our passionate belief in equality and belonging. If you like them then you’ll probably like us. And if you really like them, then you should probably say hello.

Fluid values

Here’s Poppy talking about how Fluid’s culture is different to other places and why it’s so special and we’re all proud of it.
Fluid in three words

Based on Fluid team feedback

Creative. Caring. Ambitious. Those are the three words our team most commonly use to describe Fluid. They just happen to be three of our six core values. A happy co-incidence, and hopefully a sign that we're building something healthy together.

Fluid studio
It’s hard to explain… but Fluid is different

If you work with us, we’ll try and make sure this feels like your agency. We’ll give you opportunities. We’ll look after you. And we’ll try and make sure you grow with us too.


Ben Thompson

I was Fluid's first team member.

I was Fluid's first team member almost twenty years ago. In some ways the agency is unrecognisable. The people. The talent. But in some ways it still feels exactly the same - caring, creative, and brimming with purpose.

– Ben T, Senior Designer