Meet Andy

I'm one of the Back-end Developers on the Websites & Systems team, working in a part-time capacity to support the team, develop new products, and consult with clients.

Team: Websites & Systems
Joined: 2010


Outside of work I love to be outdoors - walking the dog in the fields a few minutes from home, enjoying a BBQ or finding a beer garden. My passion in work is exploring new technologies to see how they can change and advance the way we build websites and apps for our clients.


My proudest achievement would be some of the long standing relationships we've formed - for example the Barchester website which has been under our care since 2011.


As I have kids I'll be getting up early whether I want to or not, which will be followed by some coding on a side-project, then a long walk with the dog. In the afternoon I might read some Jack Reacher and definitely finish things off with a roast dinner. 

Fluid in three words

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Championing weather warriors with YHA
Fluid digital sales tool for property sector
What is a digital sales tool, and how exactly has it helped generate impressive sales revenues in the property market? Phil and Andy explain how technology developed in-house at Fluid has revolutionised the sales process in retirement villages across the UK.

Websites & Systems

A website can be the lifeblood of any business. Driving sales. Building awareness. Our Websites and Systems team delivers all these things and more.

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