Meet Ben B

I’m Ben B, a junior graphic designer that’s recently graduated from university. This is my first industry role, and I’m excited to learn as much as I can at  Fluid, as part of the Brand & Creative team.

Team: Strategy & Creative
Joined: 2022


This is my first design role and I’m really excited to learn from the team and give it everything that I’ve got. I'm a real team player, so I love working with others to bounce ideas around on projects. When I’m not pixel-pushing my passion is travelling to new places, following Sheffield Wednesday, watching movies and spending an unhealthy amount of time building Lego sets.


A proud achievement would have to be receiving first class honours in graphic design at the University of Lincoln. It was tricky navigating the course during lockdown, but I learned so much and still made memories for life.


A typical weekend for me consists of three things: Shouting at the TV as the Wednesday score comes through, keeping the cinema running, and having a couple drinks with my friends. Since returning home from university, I've also started to enjoy going on Sunday walks to new locations around the Peak District.

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Heritage is a beautiful thing, but it can also be a heavy weight. Understanding how to harness the joyful parts of your university's history and manage the more sensitive moments is important. And feeding that back into your brand strategy can go a long way towards future-proofing your brand in a modern world.

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A good business without a strong brand is hopelessly and needlessly limited. Our Strategy & Creative team is here to unlock those limitations.

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