Meet Ed

I’m joint Managing Partner, so my main role is about protecting and improving the health and happiness of the business. That means both the team and clients. I’m also a Creative Copywriter, so end up being involved in most creative / brand projects, whether that’s on the strategic side of things, or shaping language and tone for clients.

Team: Brand & Creative
Joined: 2011


I’m a bit of a country boy, so really enjoy long rural walks with Nel, Georgie and Arlo. Ideally with a stop at a country pub somewhere. Also love the odd city break, and tend to spend a fair bit of time in North Yorkshire - gorgeous coast and countryside. In work, my main passion is branding, but I also love seeing team members grow and progress. That’s a real privilege.


I joined Fluid in 2011, and every now and then I get a glimpse of clarity and realise that we’ve built a really brilliant business. We give stable and rewarding careers to more than 50 people, and we have really close, trusting relationships with clients. It might sound soppy, but I think being part of that journey is probably my proudest achievement. We’re not done yet though. Nowhere near.


I’m imagining one of those crisp winter mornings. Hard frost. Blue sky. Bright sunshine. Fresh pot of coffee, then a long walk to one of the rural pubs in our area for lunch and to meet some friends. Home in the afternoon to have a few good glasses of wine in front of the fire. Followed by a Nytol and solid twelve-hour sleep. That’d be poyfick.

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Creative. Ambitious. Caring.

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Everyone likes a good listicle. But ‘like’ can quickly turn to ‘love’ when you see your name sneak into the top 20. We should know, because that’s exactly what’s happened. For branding agencies. Nationally.

Brand & Creative

A good business without a strong brand is hopelessly and needlessly limited. Our Brand & Creative team is here to unlock those limitations.

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