Meet Anneliese

I’m one of the Lead Creatives here at Fluid, so my role tends to be focused on brand and creative projects. Sometimes that’s creating a completely new brand, other times it might be breathing new life into an established one. I like trying to push things, and always make sure our work is genuinely different.

Team: Strategy & Creative
Joined: 2013


Outside of work, I love travelling and experiencing new places. My passion in work is creativity, and that feeling of pride when a brand or campaign grows and evolves into something really special… and knowing that it’s come from a tiny little spark that started in our team.


I think my proudest achievement has to be the brand we created for Wine&Something. It was the first big creative project we worked on as a remote team during the pandemic, and we genuinely believe it’s grown and evolved to become the most striking brand in the world of wine. I think the client would agree too.


As people here will tell you, I’m not a morning person. So my ideal weekend would involve a long lie-in, perhaps with some old episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. I’m a very proud auntie and love spending time with my niece and nephew, so some quality time with those two is a must too.

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Wine & Something
Bringing wow to your wine life with Wine&Something
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Strategy & Creative

A good business without a strong brand is hopelessly and needlessly limited. Our Strategy & Creative team is here to unlock those limitations.

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