Meet Liv E

I lead the Performance & Innovation team here at Fluid. I love to push boundaries for our clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape, which involves creating innovative strategies and delivering impactful results.

Team: Search & Social
Joined: 2024


Professionally, I'm passionate about all aspects of digital marketing! Whether it's SEO, CRO, web development, or crafting innovative data integrations to personalise customer targeting, I thrive in my role here. On a more personal note, I have a deep love for interior design and home decor, constantly looking for opportunities to redecorate and enhance spaces with art and create warm, inviting environments.


It's quite challenging to single out just one favourite achievement, but I take immense pride in fostering alignment and collaboration among individuals and teams, igniting dynamic synergies that drive performance. Recruiting, motivating, and nurturing team members and guiding their development within the business is incredibly rewarding for me and I'm excited to continue this at Fluid.


You’ll often find me enjoying weekends with my husband, our son and our beloved cocker spaniel. Whether we’re running from kickboxing to swimming lessons, exploring the outdoors on a muddy walk or playing games at home, our weekends are filled with quality time. We also love to spend holidays with close friends and family and travelling with them to a warmer climate to enjoy great food and wine.

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Passionate. Determined. Vibrant.

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Search & Social

The world of social and digital marketing moves faster than most could imagine. Our Search and Social team make sure that change creates opportunities.

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