Meet Carrie

I'm an Associate Partner and part of the Brand & Creative team, so will get involved with anything that needs a creative eye, whether that's working with the team to shape a brand for a new client, or delivering a campaign for our existing clients. No two days are ever the same at Fluid, we just get stuck in!

Team: Brand & Creative
Joined: 2015


Outside of work, I love to travel, whether it's a chilly weekend away in the tent, or a cheeky trip to watch a favourite band in a foreign city. Oh, and spending time with my amazing little person is always time well spent. At work, my passion is making clients happy. There's nothing better than delivering a project, no matter how big or small.


I can only pick one? That's impossible.


Well this certainly isn't a typical weekend, but assuming the sun is shining, I'd like to be pitched up somewhere in the Peak District, with a BBQ on and some beers in the cooler, relaxing after a stupidly long walk with the dog. Bliss.

Fluid in three words

Collaborative. Creative. Caring.

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Everyone likes a good listicle. But ‘like’ can quickly turn to ‘love’ when you see your name sneak into the top 20. We should know, because that’s exactly what’s happened. For branding agencies. Nationally.

Brand & Creative

A good business without a strong brand is hopelessly and needlessly limited. Our Brand & Creative team is here to unlock those limitations.

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