Meet Vicky

I'm a Social-first Designer and Animator here at Fluid, which involves dreaming up attention-grabbing creative tailored to social media platforms. No idea is too 'out there' and I love to get involved in everything from full social campaigns and stunts to reactive memes and gifs.

Team: Search & Social
Joined: 2019


Inside of work my passion is using curiosity as a catalyst for creativity, learning and problem-solving. I thrive on exploring different ways of working and most importantly, having fun with it! Outside of work I'm passionate about spending time with my special people and appreciating the beauty of nature.


My proudest moment is bringing to life our client Coach Hire Comparison's mascot 'Coco' through 2D animation. I loved coming up with different adventures for him to go on and express his personality. I thrive on unleashing my creative ideas by contributing to various pitches and other fast-turnaround projects.


My ideal weekend would include something active in nature like kayaking along a lake with my partner or trekking through a forest with some friends and alpacas. Something creative wouldn't go amiss either, like water-colour painting or a spot of animated personal projects.

Fluid in three words

Imaginative. Collaborative. Understanding.

Proud project and latest news.

Coach Hire Comparison
Introducing Coco - the cheeky face of coach travel
Ed in the studio
That's probably a silly question, because of course client-agency relationships matter. But for Fluid, it matters above all – because when the relationship is right, there's nothing that can't be achieved. So we are choosy – ensuring that every client partnership has the potential to be powerful for both sides...

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The world of social and digital marketing moves faster than most could imagine. Our Search and Social team make sure that change creates opportunities.

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