Introducing Coco - the cheeky face of coach travel
Coach Hire Comparison
James & Laura Stokes

The ideas put forward to excel our business have far exceeded our expectations.

We can't wait to move onto other projects with them… because we know they will always enhance what we already have. To us, they aren't just an agency, they are a big part of our team.

- James Stokes, Founder, Coach Hire Comparison

Celebrating ten years

In 2010 husband and wife team James and Laura Stokes created Coach Hire Comparison; a price comparison platform that’s dedicated to promoting and supporting the UK’s coach industry. Ten years later the brand has established itself an industry leader, becoming the lifeblood of its members by promoting independent coach travel to countless customers across the UK.


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CHC logo evolution
CHC logo evolution

Engaging and energising

Despite the pioneering ideas behind the business, the Coach Hire Comparison brand needed a new lease of life. Together with James and Laura, we saw a hugely exciting opportunity. Not just to refresh the brand. But to reinvent it; creating an identity that would engage and energise the UK’s coach hire community along with thousands of travellers. And that’s when Coco came into the world.

CHC brand fonts

Digital transformation

We adopted the existing price comparison website in early 2020, and immediately agreed a battle plan to introduce phased improvements to the aesthetics, visibility and performance. The visual refresh was further enhanced with improvements to the on-site user experience, along with a streamlined booking process. Our SEO efforts have also reaped early reward, with prominent positions secured in Google’s rich snippets.

CHC Coco sketches
CHC Coco
CHC Coco
CHC Coco
CHC business cards
CHC folder

Made for social

Coco is made for social. Literally. And our integrated Facebook-first approach has helped the brand to reach new audiences across the UK and beyond. The 4,000% increase in social engagement isn’t just boosting business for Coach Hire Comparison and their members – it’s providing a much-needed stimulus for UK tourism too.

CHC email
CHC email
Energising community energy with Younity