Energising community energy with Younity

It's not often you get the opportunity to launch a brand that can genuinely make a difference. So there's something special about being part of 'team Younity'.

- Poppy, Social Lead

Our world needs Younity

You probably haven't heard of community energy. And you're probably not alone. That's exactly why Younity exists. Because this collaborative, community-led movement provides a lot of answers to the challenges of sustainable and renewable energy production.

From the name to the visual identity and tone of voice, this brand is built to encourage togetherness. And to be a pillar of information and beacon of inspiration that will spark the continued growth of the UK's community energy movement.


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Younity intro image

Embracing brand purpose

Welcoming. Empowering. Energising. The Younity brand blends boldness with simplicity to create a stark, unifying and purpose-driven identity. From the iconography to the messaging and image treatment, there’s no mistaking Younity’s core purpose. To support, celebrate and inspire the people behind the growing community energy movement.

Younity intro image
Younity brand statement

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; it’s the only thing that ever has.

These are the words of Margaret Mead. And they reflect a feeling that sits at the beating heart of the Younity brand. Because when it comes to changing the world, none of us is as good as all of us.

Younity brand image
Younity brand image
Younity brand image
Younity brand image
Younity brochure

A home for community energy

From educating the public to supporting community energy producers and promoting Younity’s groundbreaking new innovations and initiatives, our custom Drupal website provides a platform that can extend and evolve as the influence of the brand continues to grow. 

Above all, this provides a home for Younity’s ideas and thought leadership, and a source of information and authority for those taking their first steps into the world of community energy.

Younity website screens
Younity mobile website

Where movements are born

When it comes to climate change, sustainability and renewable energy, social media is where conversations start, ideas spark, and movements are born. And that’s exactly where Younity belongs. Promoting the power of community, at the heart of online communities.

Whether its reactive content responding to COP26, our community energy collaboration with Patagonia, or showcasing the pioneering work of community groups across the country, you can find it all across Younity’s core social channels.

Younity social posts
Tom Hoines Younity

Our new name and brand identity marks an exciting step in our evolution...

as we continue to innovate through the delivery of ground-breaking projects and support the growth of community energy across the country.

- Tom Hoines, Younity

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