Meet Ryan

I’m the Head of Back-end Developement here at Fluid, so my role mainly consists of building the functional aspects of a website or maintaining servers and other web services. Because of this, the kinds of tasks that I work on can vary from day to day, whether it's creating reporting tools to help a client understand the data they have collected, or creating automation processes that help our internal team work more efficiently.

Team: Websites & Systems
Joined: 2020


Outside of the office I enjoy going for bike rides through the countryside whilst listening to a good book, I also stay busy with boxing throughout the week to keep myself fit. When I'm in the office I'm quite passionate about looking at the way we do things in terms of our internal process and seeing if the process can be improved upon or even automated.


I think my proudest achievement whilst working at Fluid would have to be the system we created for Exemplar, which is a company that works in the healthcare sector. They have multiple care homes up and down the country, and every single one of them has to carry out audits on a daily basis - traditionally these were done with pen and paper. We managed to take all their audits and move them onto a digital platform, this also had the added benefit of allowing them to track which homes were keeping up to date with the audits as well and giving them an analytical view of how well the homes were performing.


My ideal weekend would probably consist of renting a cabin or something similar in the countryside with a few friends, maybe taking some board games to play while having a few drinks. If we find the time, we'd venture out into the surrounding areas for a nice walk and hopefully manage to avoid getting lost.

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