Meet Ed O'M

I’m a CGI artist here at Fluid. As an enthusiast of anything 3D, you’ll find me discussing solutions or working on production for any CGI projects that enter the studio.

Team: Production & Visualisation
Joined: 2022


I’ve worked in the 3D/CGI industry for many years now and it is constantly evolving as technology and hardware improves. This creates an environment in which there is always something new to learn, every day!

Discovering new techniques, solving problems and refining workflows within the CGI world never gets old for me, and seeing the results improve with every project is extremely rewarding.


My most recent achievement would absolutely be finding a workplace that is so welcoming and inclusive, whilst offering such a variety of work and opportunity, in a great location.


I’ll admit, some of my ‘downtime’ is spent researching CGI workflows and ideas, planning personal projects and so on. But when I’m not, I’ll be playing video games, going for walks, reading or hanging out with friends. Oh, and films! I love a good film.

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