Meet Steve

I've worked with Fluid for around fifteen years, working part-time with the Image & Motion team on a variety of projects, ranging from CGI to special effects, video production and animation. I've accidentally become our in-house voiceover artist too.

Team: Production & Visualisation
Joined: 2007


I have to say my work has always been my hobby, so I feel lucky I do what I enjoy for a living, and always want my work to look it's best. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. However, we all have to step away from work too, so when the computer is off, I enjoy movie nights with friends, travelling with the wife and yearly snowboarding holidays.


A fun project that stands out for me was for Northwood, which involved some vfx trickery on a live action film shoot. It mainly focused on a stuffed bear, which I brought to life by adding animated facial expressions, but there were also a few invisible effects too, adding for sale signs, painting out logos and a green screen shoot inside a van. I enjoyed that one a lot as I love doing vfx work (manipulating real footage) but I'd only ever done it as a hobby until then, so getting to use those kinds of skills on a more corporate job was something I didn't think I'd get to do. 


I'd love to say my weekends were dynamic and exciting, but I've come to realise a weekend that creeps up on me with no plans are now my favourites. It means we can sleep in as long as we want and make it up as we go along, usually involving lots of tv/movies, some VR gaming and a long walk out somewhere to make up for all the junk food we'll inevitably be having. Most importantly, the work computer stays off!

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Stretching the boundaries of financial branding with The Cambridge
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Since opening Flux studio earlier this year, we've been busy welcoming brands into the studio – with voiceovers for Scholl, to commercial photography for local theatre and national campaigns. And there's more to reveal soon.

Production & Visualisation

A powerful image can connect with people like nothing else. But our Production & Visualisation team go far beyond the traditional world of photography and film.

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