Stretching the boundaries of financial branding with The Cambridge
The Cambridge
Lucy Turton

Helping to create and build the Cambridge brand is undoubtedly one of my proudest achievements, with Fluid.

Whether it’s TV advertising, events, store refurbs, annual reports or ad campaigns, the partnership is so diverse and so rewarding.

- Lucy, Design & Artwork team

Good old-fashioned innovation

Who’d have thought a centuries-old Building Society would have the creativity and courage to challenge even the most modern of digital banks? Well that’s The Cambridge all over. An organisation that’s been readily reinventing themselves since 1850 - with an unwavering determination to stay relevant for their customers of today and tomorrow.


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The Cambridge bus stop

For life's biggest moments

Like any Fluid refresh, the messaging is all built on our brand manifesto. A statement of purpose and personality that would capture the spirit and tone of the brand. For The Cambridge it’s a promise of evolution. That they’ll always put members first. They’ll never not matter. And that when life brings its biggest moments, they’ll be here for you.

The Cambridge Lucy drawing
The Cambridge copywriting

A digital-first brand evolution

Sensitive adjustments to the established logo were introduced alongside a new typeface, colour palette and identity system. It’s all part of a digital-first approach that creates the perfect blend of vibrant design and eye-catching content. The results speak for themselves, with smile-a-second brand experiences delivered in-store, on-line and across social media.

The Cambridge brand before
The Cambridge brand after
The Cambridge typography
The Cambridge font

Campaigns packed with character(s)

At the heart of the refreshed brand is a quirky family of CGI characters, each sharing their biggest moments through captured imagery and animated scenes. From dancing eccentrics to hopeless romantics, these fresh faces bring bags of brand personality, whilst providing the flexibility to be both heart-warming and hilarious depending on our brief and message.

The Cambridge sketch
The Cambridge sketch
The Cambridge Dani drawing
the Cambridge development
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