Meet Josh

I'm a new addition to the creatives at Fluid, joining the Brand & Creative team. We focus on new brands and creative projects as well as refreshing existing ones. I like to come up with designs and ideas that are unique for a brand and enjoy working on the diversity of styles this brings.

Team: Strategy & Creative
Joined: 2022


My passion at work is getting stuck into designing a new brand with the rest of the team – I enjoy the challenge and love hearing the teams different ideas and sharing our thoughts. In my free time you'll often find me in the kitchen, trialling new recipes or adding my own twist to classics.


My proudest achievement at Fluid so far is joining the team. Everyone is so creative and talented – being considered a part of the group for me, is an achievement.


It's no surprise that my ideal weekend involves food. You can't beat spending a Sunday afternoon cooking a joint of beef with beer after a long walk with the dog. If I'm not cooking then I'm reading cook books or watching cook shows – Food Network is pretty much on all the time and I only tend to used the remote to turn the TV on and off. Combining my love for food and dogs – I've even called my dog Noodles.

Fluid in three words

Friendly. Creative. Exciting.

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Strategy & Creative

A good business without a strong brand is hopelessly and needlessly limited. Our Strategy & Creative team is here to unlock those limitations.

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