Winning customers (and awards) with Scarsdale Vets

Award-winning campaigns

Scarsdale isn’t just one of the most established and respected veterinary practices in the Midlands. They’re one of the most innovative too. So when they ask us to challenge them with new ideas in their creative campaigns, we know they mean it. Here are just a few examples of the award-winning work we’ve created together.


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Not what you were pet-specting

Owning your first pet can be as daunting as it is thrilling. So our pet-specting campaign was created to provide an insight into the joys and challenges of pet ownership. It stars 3D characters Bailey the puppy and Lola the kitten; a playful pair that helped Scarsdale to scoop multiple awards and significant new customers across its eleven veterinary practices.

Scarsdale social post
Scarsdale character
Scarsdale photography
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Scarsdale stats
Scarsdale stats
Scarsdale awards

Very important pets

Scarsdale’s VIP Club members get more. More free advice, bigger discounts, better savings and more regular health checks for total VI-Peace of mind. And when the club was ready for a brand refresh, Fluid stepped in. Not just to update its identity and re-energise its messaging, but to reinvigorate the proposition and help to attract a new generation of club members.

Scarsdale VIP leaflet
Scarsdale VIP card

Nervous about neutering?

Nervous about neutering? Concerned about castration? We certainly would be. And pet owners are no different. So we embarked on a campaign to demystify the world of neutering and castration; arming Midlands’ pet owners with accurate information so that they could make the best decision for their beloved pets. The results? Lots of new customers for Scarsdale. Of course.

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The Cambridge
Stretching the boundaries of financial branding with The Cambridge