Leading the safety revolution with Fleetspan
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An industry-first for Fleetspan

There’s been something missing in the material handling world. Something that compromises the safety and performance of warehousing and logistics operations across the UK. Fleetspan exists to fill that void. Pioneered by the people at Juice Energy, Fleetspan is the UK’s first and only annual safety inspection for batteries and chargers used in forklifts and wider material handling fleets. It’s a platform pioneered to lead the safety revolution. For every fleet. For every organisation. For every employee. For good.


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A new standard in forklift safety.

From the creation of the name and identity through to every feature and function of the Fleetspan system, this pioneering new platform was forged through the talents of Fluid’s five teams, and inspired by the vision of Fleetspan’s creator, Andrew Clarke. Developed in Laravel’s industry-leading PHP framework, Fleetspan’s 24/7 safety portal provides the critical interface for both inspectors and operations, giving instant insight into the inspection status of every asset in any material handling fleet.

Fleetspan system screen
Fleetspan system screen
Fleetspan photography
Fleetspan photography

Reducing risk for everyone

Through a simple subscription that's tailored to the size of the material handling fleet, Fleetspan's Annual Safety Inspection assesses the safety and performance of all MHE batteries and chargers. The pass and fail status, along with the advisory recommendations enhance safety, whilst reducing risk for the operator, the operation and the facility. 24/7 online access to the cutting-edge Fleetspan safety portal creates the opportunity to proactively identify remedial action before an asset fails, Fleetspan reduces the risk of thermal incidents whilst increasing the optimal performance of every fleet.

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An exclusive launch strategy

With a need to inspire and influence the industry’s leading decision makers, we shunned the temptation for a high-volume, wide-reaching launch campaign to extend an exclusive invitation to just forty of the sector’s leading safety influencers. The result was an exclusive unveiling to a small and like-minded community of change makers. A community now known as 40 For The Future. Just eight weeks after its exclusive launch in the prestigious surroundings of Pall Mall’s Royal Automobile Club, Fleetspan is already being trialled across a number of industry-leading organisations.

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Fleetspan 40 for the Future
Fleetspan 40 for the Future
Ed and Luca talk about our partnership with Fleetspan
Andrew Clarke

Realisation of a vision...

"From the Fleetspan name to our brand positioning, and carving our proposition into the minds of industry decision-makers, Fluid's work on Fleetspan is the realisation of a vision that's been held for many years. I'm proud to say it's now a reality."

- Andrew Clarke, Founder and CEO

Embracing the unstoppable spirit at the heart of Juice.