Prioritising mental health at Fluid

Mental health awareness week 2024

Mental health awareness is a big part of our culture at Fluid. We want to make sure that everyone feels empowered to bring their whole self to work. But we understand that everyone can have challenges, and we provide for those who might need it.

We are lucky enough to benefit from considerable funding and resource from Fluid into mental health support and awareness. We have nine qualified mental health champions in our team. Our champions come together every couple of months to discuss ways in which we can continuously improve mental health awareness and create opportunities to provide support and open conversations. 
Last week, we marked Mental Health Awareness Week with a series of activities ran by our mental health champions  and some other kind Fluid volunteers. This year’s theme was ‘Movement’, so we focused on finding moments of movement throughout the week, to improve workplace wellbeing. 
To make the activities as inclusive as possible, our sessions ranged from playing games to sports and activity sessions.

Sheryll encouraged the team to get up and away from their desks with a breakout session involving some fun and games in the studio. 

Lucy present thief game - mental health awareness week

Selina took the team for a group dog walk around the local park next to the studio to encourage taking a screen break and getting out to enjoy nature.

Fluid dog walk - mental health awareness week

Will led the team in a doughnuts and discussions session with movement-focussed conversation starters. A great opportunity to encourage open discussions around mental health.

Will's dougnuts and discussion session - mental health awareness week

Our regular Fluid team fitness class and Fluid football sessions continued this week, with Tom MB and Poppy taking the reins to organise and encourage participants.

Nicole very kindly volunteered her time and skills as a Pilates instructor to host a special gentle flow session for our team focusing on mental health, relaxation, and unwinding.

Pilates session held in Flux studio - mental health awareness week

And Jess J made good use of our studio pool table, holding a couple of speed pool sessions during the lunch time break for everyone to get involved with. 

Speed pool session in the Fluid studio - mental health awareness week

All the activities were optional to participate in, and the team were encouraged to take part in whatever they felt comfortable with. Best of all, they were all free! 
Small actions like these can really make a big difference to the people in our team who need support. It could be the joy of a small positive act, an opportunity to learn, or even give someone the confidence to open an important conversation.  
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the team who helped to host or supported an activity across the week. You’re all superstars!