Fluid at 20: Navigating change with passion and persistence

By Phil Harvey
November 2023
Phil sat at the table

As we step into our 20th year, there’s been a period of reflection. Of where Fluid has come from, and where Fluid will go. And it's fair to say the past five years have been transformative for Fluid. 

The backdrop of the UK’s exit from the EU, recessions, the global pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, and myriad political issues both nationally and internationally might have flattened weaker businesses. But, at Fluid, we faced these challenges head-on and emerged even stronger.
In 2018, we renewed our vision for Fluid, and it provided us with direction and clarity. We structured our teams by discipline, and invested in nurturing our culture. This ingrained culture became our compass that directed us towards our sustained growth and success. 
The covid-19 pandemic (groan) hit us all in 2020, and presented the business with a multitude of challenges and opportunities alike. This era saw us evolve in unprecedented ways, with our culture, vision, and values proving instrumental in helping us navigate these turbulent times.
Our team stood united. And with everyone rolling up their sleeves, we ensured the safety and wellbeing of our employees and clients alike. Such commitment resulted in an explosive growth, from a robust team of 28 to a whopping 45 within a span of a year, a trajectory that continued well into 2022.
It’s now 2023 – our 20th anniversary year – and it’s time to look forward, and refine our vision for the future. 
In the ever-changing landscape of AI and technological advancements, as a full-service agency, we have found ourselves at a crossroads. We took a deep reflective dive into what defines Fluid, and our dynamic ecosystem. We sketched out the blueprint for Fluid's future. 
What sets us apart? What's the formula behind our enduring and delightful client relationships? 
We quickly understood it's the profound chemistry we've cultivated with our clients, and the pride we take in ensuring our team's wellbeing and happiness. 
Our ambition is to become a defining force in the future of every client. We must become irreplaceable and irrepressible.

It's the magic that happens between our teams; brand experts sat with developers, social media specialists with 3D artists, and strategic minds with big thinkers. This thirst for collaboration leads to unrivalled impact for our clients; it's the essence of who we are, relentlessly striving for results and value. 
And our pathway to becoming irreplaceable lies in forging strong partnerships, ensuring incredible results, and ceaselessly innovating. To be irrepressible, we must be proactive rather than reactive, to be a value-driven partner instead of just another supplier, obsessed by best outcomes. 
By understanding gaps in businesses, be it in purpose, creativity, engagement, awareness, efficiency, or performance, we align our expertise, providing immediate and tangible solutions. 
For our clients, this translates to a partnership built on strength, creativity, and genuine care. 
It’s imperative for Fluid to evolve to become 'irreplaceable and irrepressible'. It has to be our new mindset, our commitment to creating lasting impact.
The journey over the last two decades has been both challenging and rewarding. Every challenge has taught us a lesson, every success has motivated us further, and every individual who has been a part of Fluid has added to its rich tapestry. 
We owe our resilience and success to the pillars of Fluid – the team. Over the last five years, amidst the external chaos, internally, we've held firm, grown, and evolved. Our commitment to our values and vision is unwavering, and as we step into the next chapter, we are filled with a renewed energy and passion.
The road ahead might be unpredictable, but with our track record, the dedication of our team, and the support of our clients, we're confident and excited about the future.
Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to the next 20 years and beyond.