Client impact and culture champions for May

Wes and Ed O

Each month we celebrate a client impact champion – someone who has knocked it out of the park for a client, as well as a culture champion – someone who lives a breathes the Fluid values and helps make Fluid the place it is. This month we’re giving a shout out to Wes and Ed O.

Wes, a project manager in the Websites & Systems team, was crowned client impact champion, receiving a nomination from Jerry when he spotted how Wes quickly stepped in to solve an unexpected problem, and providing innovation in the process.

Jerry said:  

“Wes has rapidly got into the Fluid mindset. Following an unexpected problem with a service provider, he stayed cool-headed and dealt with it in a methodical way. From disaster to an opportunity in the course of a day, Wes enabled better client service thanks to a bit of innovation.”


Ed O, a CGI artist in the Production & Visualisation team, was nominated by Carrie as our culture champion, thanks to his recent efforts to develop our CGI specialism.

Carrie said:

"Ed is really keen to develop the CGI specialism outside of the Performance & Visualisation team, and recently held a small showcase to the Strategy & Creative team on the capabilities and potential of CGI at the pitch process, as well as in general when building an arsenal of brand assets. I felt this showcased his accountability for his specialism, and was a positive action to benefit the wider agency. In addition, he is currently mobilising a small action group in order to expand the horizons of our CGI pipeline. His ambition to grow the client-base for CGI is evident, and I'm excited to be part of the charge that he is leading to unlock future CGI work for Fluid."