Campaigns & Content: A week in the life of Liv

By Liv Beighton
December 2023
Liv portrait in the Fluid studio

Hello! I'm Liv, and I'm currently undergoing a degree apprenticeship at Fluid. Over the past year, I've become a part of this amazing team, and I'm set to continue this exciting adventure until my graduation in 2025. Let me give you a glimpse into a typical week at Fluid. Although each day is diverse, I'll try to paint a picture of what a 'usual' week looks like for me.


I usually kick off the week working from home, dedicating this time to essential administrative tasks such as responding to client emails and laying the groundwork for the upcoming week. Our team meeting at 9:05 am acts as a compass, helping us prioritise projects. Post-meeting, I go through my emails, ensuring I haven't missed anything over the weekend.

A significant part of my day involves crafting a weekly plan for ZeroZilchZip (ZZZ), a client I lead on. This responsibility exposes me to various team members, from copywriters to web developers, providing insights into the seamless flow of work. After establishing the game plan for emails, schedules, website updates, and blogs, we come together for a 'tiger team' catch-up (essentially this is our creative ‘crack team’) to synchronise tasks and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Post-lunch, I dive into another client, Bullocks, a delightful coach company based in Stockport. Collaborating with designers, we discuss creative ideas and align on the content plan for the month. I also take this time to explore user-generated content and nostalgic coach imagery for our social media audience.


Studio day! Despite the early start of seeing to my needy horse, Edi, I ensure I brush myself up in time for the studio and I’m armed with a LARGE cup of coffee. 

Collaborating with a copywriter, we outline the week's email plan for Bullocks—aiming for one leisure and one school email weekly. This day also involves scheduling posts across multiple platforms and maintaining high-quality, audience-relevant copy.

In the afternoon, I check in with the ZZZ team, ensuring an email is designed and ready for scheduling. Managing the content plan for ZZZ, we ensure we have a schedule ready and productive discussions about  upcoming design ideas.


Another studio day. The studio is usually buzzing as this is our team meeting day. I start by updating the design spreadsheet for Bullocks, confirming relevance and discussing any necessary changes with the designers.

A 'trendy-chat' session follows, exploring current trends on different platforms to generate fresh content ideas for our clients.

Our team meeting, where we share our top 5 priorities for the week, allows for collaboration and ensures we all know what we need to work on in priority order. 

In the afternoon, I add more content to client schedules and engage in social media community management, seeing what works well and strategising for improvements.

If I still have some time left, I conduct website checks for clients like Bullocks, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring trip descriptions and images are tip-top.

The final thing for the day is one of my University lectures. Some of these take place in the day time so it is really great to work for a company that is so flexible to our own commitments. 


Thursdays often mirror the tasks from the beginning of the week—client emails, creative discussions with designers, and planning for the following week. I wrap up loose ends to ensure a smooth transition into my study day on Friday, allowing me to focus entirely on my degree work.

Once a month, I compile reports for Bullocks' social media, highlighting engagement increases and suggesting strategies for improvement. This collaborative process ensures alignment with client goals.

We also periodically delve into the world of video content creation, crafting Reels on Instagram for clients and occasionally curating captivating content for platforms like TikTok. 

In this pursuit of creativity we also work on ‘WOW’ ideas that are outside the realms of social media content.

An example of this is our collaborative effort to develop press packs for ZZZ. This allowed us to not only expand our reach across various social media platforms, enhancing engagement, but also helped the effort to drive up sales for the client. 


This is usually my designated study day for university work and updating apprenticeship logs. I start by organising notes from the week's online lectures, creating a plan for upcoming assignments. 

I then update my apprenticeship logs which involves documenting knowledge, skills, and behaviours learned in the workplace, showcasing the practical application of university learnings at Fluid.

Fluid provides an environment where the team supports my journey, giving me exposure to meet the targets for my degree and apprenticeship certificate. The day concludes with reviewing pre-recorded lectures, making connections to real-life examples in the workplace. Despite the heavy workload on these days, it underscores the value of on-the-job learning. It not only makes classroom knowledge more digestible but also empowers me to apply it to real-life scenarios.