Meet Lauren

I'm a Social Media Manager here at Fluid, so my role tends to be focused on organic social media campaigns, a little bit of paid social media, blog writing and a lot of influencer work. Some days could be scheduling content for clients and others could be spent liaising back and forth with influencers about campaigns and content. I like to try and make social media ideas exciting by jumping onto trends, making sure our work is stand-out and always seen by its correct audience.

Team: Search & Social
Joined: 2021


Outside of work, I'd say I have a lot of passions; as people here very much know, I'm a big fan of weightlifting, an avid gym-goer, and big into astrology. On top of this, I also love gaming - specifically survival horror. I am really passionate about being creative, which spans outside and inside of the workplace, and I think that's something that can be seen in my work ethic and the content and ideas that I contribute to the team. 


I think my proudest achievement with Fluid would be carrying out the influencer work for most clients, but specifically the East Midlands Railway campaign in the last quarter of 2021. There were a lot of threads to each influencer activity to tie up and ensure everything went ahead smoothly, which is a little trickier than usual influencer activity. It was great seeing the influencer content each time; their day-trips, knowing they had a great time, and seeing the content produced for East Midlands Railway, knowing it was adding to their social engagement.


I wouldn't say I'm a morning person by any means, but I do hate lying in for too long on a weekend as it feels like a waste! So I'd say my ideal weekend would be to get up at a *reasonable* hour, maybe head to the gym for a workout, and then go out for a nice breakfast with alllll of the avocado...and a fancy coffee. Equally, I'm a big fan of binge-watching crime documentaries or a series on Netflix (that I've probably seen before, like Friends). And to be honest, any plans that include pizza and my slippers, I'm there. 

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That's probably a silly question, because of course client-agency relationships matter. But for Fluid, it matters above all – because when the relationship is right, there's nothing that can't be achieved. So we are choosy – ensuring that every client partnership has the potential to be powerful for both sides...

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