Meet Irina

I am a Front-end Developer here at Fluid... and although I joined in quite a junior role, it certainly doesn't feel that way - everyone in our team is equal! My day-to-day life involves lots of learning, whilst coding the graphic interface that users interact with when visiting a website. 

Team: Websites & Systems
Joined: 2021


I think my greatest passion outside of work is self-development. I like to grow as a person, expanding my mind and using different resources to learn from others. At the moment I'm enjoying following Elon Musk, who's become a great inspiration. As you might guess, my passion at work is learning new things... I love developing my skills, so it's great being surrounded by so many experienced and supportive people!


I think my proudest achievement is how fast I got involved in completing successful development work. Despite the remote working conditions, I feel like I've been able to hit the ground running in a short period of time, working through interesting tasks, and delivering them in a way that gets great client feedback.


I just can’t allow myself  a lazy weekend! So my ideal weekend will be very active... my morning will start with some physical and mind activities. I like to go for group exercises like body combat, which might be followed by yoga classes for that feeling of harmony and presence. The rest of the day will usually involve a trip to a new place or hiking to be surrounded by nature.

Fluid in three words

Caring. Understanding. Achieving.

Proud project and latest news.

Energising community energy with Younity
Steven Brown Art 50 Campaign Drum Award
Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tesco, Just Eat and HSBC as finalists in the Drum’s Digital Advertising Awards isn’t just a big privilege (and a bit unreal). It’s a sign that bold ideas and brave clients can make a difference in any industry.

Websites & Systems

A website can be the lifeblood of any business. Driving sales. Building awareness. Our Websites and Systems team delivers all these things and more.

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