Meet Grace

I'm one of the Social Media Managers here at Fluid, so my main focus is on breathing life into your organic social channels while also creating and implementing dynamic social media campaigns. I like coming up with ideas that challenge our clients and their brand.

Team: Search & Social
Joined: 2022


Outside of work, I’m an avid escape room enthusiast – throw me any puzzle and I’ll solve it in an hour or under! Day-to-day, I love implementing social media campaigns and watching the results in real-time. There’s nothing more rewarding then creating that two-way conversation between your target audience and your brand.


I’d have to say my work with Coach Hire Comparison has been my proudest achievement so far. I’m really proud of the relationship we’ve built and the content we’re sharing on social media. Whether it’s supporting with recruiting operators or sharing the latest meme - it’s been an absolute joy to work together.


My ideal weekend is packed with activities – whether that’s renting out a private karaoke booth, swinging through the trees at Go Ape or going to a local comedy club, I love it all! Good snacks are also essential.

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That's probably a silly question, because of course client-agency relationships matter. But for Fluid, it matters above all – because when the relationship is right, there's nothing that can't be achieved. So we are choosy – ensuring that every client partnership has the potential to be powerful for both sides...

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The world of social and digital marketing moves faster than most could imagine. Our Search and Social team make sure that change creates opportunities.

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