Meet Gianluca

I'm the Head of Front-end Development at Fluid. My role is mainly focused on working on the look, feel and functionality of a website. Always trying to code the graphic interface that users interact with when visiting a website, following the brand and style of each client.

Team: Websites & Systems
Joined: 2020


When I'm not working, I like to explore new places by travelling abroad or driving around the UK. I usually take my camera with me to try and compose photos of moments or details in places. Similarly as in my job, I try to look for elements to put together for a pleasing visual effect.


My proudest achievement with Fluid was to work on the Waterstons project. It was the first big project of 2021 and we decided to go with Drupal 9 and some new approaches for the templating and styling of the pages and components. It was a big success when we delivered both the UK and Australian site last August.


My ideal weekend would usually involve catching up with new movies or old cult movies, it's always fun to focus on some of the great scenes and how they were composed visually, to try and replicate some of the art in my photography. Also, I like to experience new cuisines and try new food recipes.

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A website can be the lifeblood of any business. Driving sales. Building awareness. Our Websites and Systems team delivers all these things and more.

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